Getting And Using Rental Car Reimbursement With Progressive Car Insurance

Rental Car

Like many carriers, Progressive car insurance offers the option of adding rental car reimbursement to a car insurance coverage plan. People with a high level of financial risk aversion should consider rental reimbursement because it offers further help to defray the secondary costs that come with a collision. Signing up for rental car reimbursement is easy, and claiming that coverage after an accident similarly so.

Adding Progressive’s rental car reimbursement

To get rental reimbursement if you are switching to Progressive car insurance, just go about signing up online or directly with an agent. If you’re signing up online, when you get to the page to personalize your plan options, you can select rental car reimbursement at one of a few levels depending on where you live.

For example, the owner of a Honda Civic in New York City has the two options: coverage of up to $40 per day for up to 30 days, and no more than $1,200 total; or $50 per day for as many as 30 days up to $1,500, at an additional cost of $39 or $49 a year, respectively.

Progressive only allows customers to purchase rental reimbursement if they also buy collision or comprehensive coverage. You will need to select one of those two features on the same final customization page, but before you do you should factor whether collision and comprehensive are necessary options for the car you intend to insure. In most cases, you will be required to add both of these options to get either one on your Progressive policy and adding these two options will typically add a few hundred dollars a year to your premium costs. (Think of these as implicit costs of having rental reimbursement coverage with Progressive.)

Collision coverage pays for damage to your vehicle if it overturns or is in an accident with another vehicle. You choose collision coverage based on current actual cash value of your car and the deductible amount you select. Comprehensive coverage pays for damage to your vehicle caused by what’s referred to as non-collision events such as fire, flood, theft, severe weather, falling objects, animals or vandalism. As with collision, you select this coverage based on the actual cash value of your car and the deductible amount you choose.

Filling a claim for rental car reimbursement

Progressive makes it pretty easy to file claims. If you are involved in an accident, call your agent as soon as possible to let him/her know. This makes it easier to begin the other necessary steps, such as getting your car from wherever you have it towed so you can get an estimate on repairs. You can also log into your Progressive online account to submit a claim. A claims representative will call you shortly thereafter to schedule an inspection and start managing the process.

While you may want to get a rental car immediately after an accident or incident, Progressive rental reimbursement only pays for rentals when cars are involved in covered accidents. Before you rent a car, check in with your representative or claims manager to be assured your damages will likely be covered. Be sure to refer to your rental reimbursement coverage so your representative can help you make arrangements for a car and ensure you receive your reimbursement.

If you do rent a car before confirming with your claims agent, you can submit the rental information whenever is convenient, but it’s important to do that as early as possible to be sure your claim is accepted before you spend too much on the rental.I found a very useful information at

Rental reimbursement coverage from Progressive auto insurance is a relatively inexpensive product. Adding it to a policy can add as little as $9 to the cost of your car insurance premium over the course of a policy term. Remember to factor in your added cost for adding collision, comprehensive or both options, depending on the requirements of your Progressive care insurance plan.

Rental Car

(Note: this article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered a promotion, solicitation or endorsement of Progressive insurance and its rental reimbursement program. The author has no affiliation with Progressive or any other car insurance provider.)

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