Why Keys Car Cost So Much Is There A Cheaper Way To Get Car Key Replacements?

modern car key

Most people who have ever lost a modern car key will not only have the problem of the hassle, but also realize the costliness of having to replace it. Unlike a couple of decades ago, when a car key was no different to a normal car key, the modern device is a very different story. So, what’s the reason for this?

Well, the modern car key comes with a transponder and is known as a transponder key. The transponder is a small chip that’s placed in the key. This chip is there for security reasons and when the ignition is turned on the car’s computer evaluates whether it’s the right key for that car. If it’s the same then the car will start – if it’s not then it just won’t.

Why the Expense

Technology is increasingly low cost and coming down in price, however these car keys tend to cost a notable amount of money. Chipped keys are expensive because of the electronics and also because the cars company that manufacturer the car owns the code. This adds to expensive for car cutting companies like autokeysquad.com.

It’s not unknown for a car key like this to cost up to £100 for the locksmith. In addition, the locksmith often has to stock numerous keys and many of these will never even be used. This means that there is an increased cost incurred and means that the price of the key is high.

In addition, if you want to add a new key to a system, the locksmith will require a computer and certain software and equipment to do so. This also adds to the cost of the key and makes the whole process more long winded and also more expensive for the locksmith and the end customer.

Many of these keys also are extremely well made and so cutting them can cost a lot of money. They also often need to be cut from a VIN plate, so if you’ve lost all the keys then there is a cost to convert your car’s VIN into the cuts on the new key.

How to Lower the Cost?

Well, there are a number of ways to lower the cost and the worst case scenario. Firstly, never leave it until there is no spare key as this may mean you also incur the cost of towing to the dealer and a whole lot more expense. Always have one set spare.read more reviews at https://practicalmotoring.com.au/car-advice/are-you-using-your-keyless-car-correctly/

Don’t lose the codes – they are usually in the back of the manual – so keep them in a safe place or you will have to fork out to recover them. PIN codes are often used too and this means that you will need to keep these safe too.

There are some manufacturers that allow you to add additional keys and program them without much trouble – however you will need the original keys to do this – so if you wish to do this do it before any are lost.

modern car key

Keys and replacement keys are expensive and so the best way to save is not to lose them. Keep them safe at all times and try to be as prepared as possible to prevent emergency issues that are quite often very expensive. Beth Nichols writes for a range of different car sites and has had a love of cars since childhood. She enjoys skiing

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